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Top 5 Secret Sposts In Alabama

These 5 Amazing Spots In Alabama Are Perfect To Go Bass Fishing

Alabama has many incredible bass lakes. Some of these lakes are primarily known for having large numbers of bass, while others are primarily known for having certain types of bass. Luckily, bass fishing can be done year-round in Alabama. Let’s take a look at 8 lakes in Alabama that offer great bass fishing opportunities.


At 69,000 acres, Lake Guntersville is Alabama’s largest lake. It’s located in northern Alabama, between Bridgeport and Guntersville, and is known world wide (among the bass fishing community) as a great place to catch big bass.


Pickwick Lake is a 43,100 acre lake that’s located in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. This lake has 490 miles of shoreline and is well known for its smallmouth bass.


Located approximately 30 minutes south of Birmingham is Lay Lake, which covers 12,000 acres. Lay Lake is best known for its abundance of both largemouth and spotted bass.


Lake Eufaula is a 45,181 acre reservoir that’s located on the Chattahoochee River in southeast Alabama, stretching along the shoreline for 640 miles. This lake is responsible for producing some of Alabama’s biggest largemouth bass.


Wilson Lake, covering 15,930 acres, is located on the Tennessee River and stretches along the shoreline for 154 miles. This lake is known for having plenty of smallmouth and largemouth bass that feed heavily in September.

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